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Bacteria gets a bad rap. The fact is there are both harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria. These "friendly bacteria" also known as probiotics, are essential to your good health. Prolonged illness, poor diet, doses of antibiotics and other medications can actually destroy healthy bacteria cultures within your body. When you diminish the friendly bacteria your digestive system is disturbed and your overall health can become severely compromised. In these cases you need to re-culture the bacterial flora. Doctor-formulated VÄXA ReFlora Probiotic can help your body reinstate this needed harmony again.

Unlike other probiotics which offer only a single strain of bacteria ReFlora Probiotic has a special complex of 10 different beneficial bacteria with the added bonus of herbs and nutritionals, in veggie capsules. If you were to purchase all the probiotics in ReFlora Probiotic (at the same potency and capsules per bottle) you could spend over $100 for the probiotics alone! VÄXA ReFlora Probiotic helps to simplify good intestinal health.

The probiotics in VÄXA ReFlora Probiotic naturally support the body's ability to:

  • Maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria
  • Promote optimal balance in your digestive tract
  • Maintain overall immune health
  • Aid the body's ability to flush toxins
  • Assist normal tissue healing
  • Support the body during antibiotic use
  • Promote healthy urinary tract

Maintaining or rebuilding probiotic levels is important when you are prescribed antibiotics to ensure that while the bad bacteria are eliminated, you are also are helping to discourage issues like diarrhea, reinfection or a compromised immune response. Leading professionals in the medical field are now recognizing the need for patients to replace the body's good bacteria during and after antibiotic treatment.

Taking VÄXA ReFlora Probiotic is a good way to combine the advice from your doctor with complementary methods of getting and keeping yourself in the best possible health. As part of a proactive health strategy, continuing VÄXA ReFlora Probiotic at maintenance levels help combat elements that challenge your immune system on a daily basis.

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