Emotional Healing

A complete herbal & natural preparation based on Aroma Therapy.... It's a blend of original different flowers, leaves, oils and herbs and their corrective therapeutic properties, which are mentally uplifting and activates the emotions giving way to a more peaceful, pleasant and efficient Life Style.

a pleasant secret to keep you always fresh, is helpful for Meditational Tranquility to reach your soul, to stir your pleasure, to relax your tension, stress and strain


The Use of Ruh-Booty in the house, in the office-in fact wherever you go can inspire the atmosphere, take it with you to be away from any bacterial or pollution effect. You will be a center of attraction in the parties if you apply Ruh-Booty on your hands, body. It produces happiness and contentment, rich life style and Prosperous thinking. Also, before going for prayers, Namaz or Puja, the use of Ruh-Booty will make the atmosphere more and more Pure for peaceful, constructive & productive performance.

Ruh Booty is 100% Natural  - Herbal  product for your happiness & contentment.
Ruh Booty is a watch - guard of your health.
Ruh Booty  keeps you relaxed.
Ruh Booty must be carried with you always in this age of Pollution, Stress and Strain.
Ruh Booty is neither a cosmetic nor a medicine.

You can apply your Ruh-Booty rubbed hands on your Body & Arms , after your daily bath; coming from toilet; sitting in your office; before going for party functions; meetings, etc, etc.

Harmless - Stainless with no side effects. For external use only
It is not a cosmetics nor a  medicine or a perfume

New and Sensual "Shanti Satyan"

in powder form has arrived.

"From the warmth of the golden sunlight comes the new vibrant scent of Shanti Satyam"

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